Adrian Black THE SHOWMAN's Story

From Danville to Valencia: A Lifetime of Rhythm, Funk, and POPSoul

Born into the rich gospel traditions of Danville, VA, Adrian Black's musical roots run deep and wide. From 1987 to 2005, he honed his craft, mastering the drums, refining his singing, and exploring production, all while absorbing the soulful sounds that echoed through his hometown. His early years were a symphony of learning and growth, setting the stage for a vibrant journey in music and empathy.

Adrian's next act unfolded in Norfolk, VA, where, as a student at Old Dominion University, he sparked the flames of creativity by founding a rap group. Between 2005 and 2010, he was the driving force behind the group's production, mixing, and mastering. Offstage, he expanded his emotional depth, studying counseling and dedicating himself to volunteer work, all of which enriched his songwriting and production with a profound sense of empathy and community.

Transitioning to a new chapter, Adrian pursued his master's degree in social work at NCCU in Durham from 2010-2012. Here, he collaborated with fellow artists and sharpened his helping skills, laying down beats that were as thoughtful as they were rhythmic. His music became a bridge connecting beats to the heartbeat of society.

In 2012, Adrian took a bold leap, relocating to China, where his artistic identity blossomed. Over eight years, he became a multifaceted force in the music scene—forming bands, promoting events, DJing, and even stepping into the worlds of modeling and acting. It was here he mastered the art of drumming and singing simultaneously, captivating audiences with his one-man symphony.

Today, Adrian resides in Valencia, Spain, where he has formed Ay Trick and fully stepped into the light as Adrian Black. Here, he shares his music with the world, a blend of experiences and sounds as diverse as his journey. His upcoming projects and performances promise an intimate connection with fans new and old, a testament to a life lived in harmony with the world around him.

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