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A.BLACK DJ, Adrian Black's electrifying alter ego, stands as a powerhouse in the world of music, masterfully combining his DJing prowess with exceptional MC skills. His versatile talent extends beyond thrilling club nights to energizing fitness sessions, evident in his collaboration with F45 Fitness, where his energetic mixes and motivating words transform workouts into exhilarating experiences.

A.BLACK DJ's reputation as a versatile DJ and MC is further solidified through his engagements with Bassment Sound, JipJop Night at Marina Beach Club, Elenco House, and Unchained Recordings. At these venues, he skillfully curates a diverse array of sounds from Funky House, Hip-Hop, Pop Classics, Disco, Reggae/Dancehall, to Reggaeton, all while engaging the audience with his magnetic MCing, ensuring a dynamic and immersive atmosphere.

His talents shone brightly at Valencia's Festival De Las Artes, where, as an MC for Organics Red Bull, he showcased his unique ability to blend rhythmic beats with captivating verbal interactions, creating an unforgettable experience for the festival-goers. In addition to his festival appearances, A.BLACK DJ held esteemed residencies at SOLO Club, Oil Club, and BOA, where his sets are not just about the music but about creating a connection with every beat and word.

A.BLACK DJ's dual role as a DJ and MC makes each of his performances a multidimensional journey. Whether he's setting the tone at a high-energy fitness class, controlling the decks at a renowned club, or hyping up a crowd at a major festival, he guarantees an electrifying experience that resonates long after the last note has played.

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